At a moment’s notice.

On any given day, and at any moment or second in time we may be called upon for higher purposes. Whether this be a calling from God, or an earthly emergency we must know our response should come from our least biased inner self. Having an open heart, and a willing hand to help will always yield good. Have an open heart today and lend a helping hand to someone in need you will truly feel better for it! Let’s all have a wonderful day.


It’s always a good and wise decision to be humble. Knowing one’s own worth and being self confident its always commendable. Having the ability to greet the world with a huge smile and a firm hand shake will serve you well. But as with all things too much of a good thing can have a negative effect. Practice being humble, use your humanity and let the world share in your spotlight. It is better to practice humility, than suffer the angst of humiliation. It has never been said better than this; humiliation is being humbled against your will. So please remember this; tread lightly but carry a big stick. Stay positive, powerful, and humble the world is your oyster.


It seems that adversely maybe a necessary evil! Being forced out of our comfort zone makes us just as motivated as positive thinking. What we gain from being challenged in any form or fashion takes us one step closer to achieving the big picture. We’ve all heard the expression it’s darkest before the dawn, well if we are truly determined we fight hardest in our darkest hours. Don’t be distracted and persevere if you know where you want to go stay the course. Overcome all obstacles, and believe there is a reason for everything.

Staying Grounded

The great highs in our lives can be as devastating as the terrible the low points we experience. Becoming intoxicated from the accolades, adoration and overall attention can become extremely distracting. Keeping our feet planted firmly in reality, such as having our head and our feet occupy the same space becomes necessary. Taking inventory of what changes around us isn’t nearly as important as taking stock of what changes inside of us. Remaining level headed, and keeping a proper perspective will help ensure our continued successes. So be mindful not to feed into your own hype. Stay grounded!

True Happiness

The expression money can’t buy you love, happiness or a joyous life runs true. I recently read in an email sent to me that said true happiness is found within. It comes from living an ethical, moral life with robust character then you will find inner peace and a true sense of happiness. This make sense to me. Without inner conflict and the turmoil that comes from it we can be at peace with ourselves and experience true happiness. Rather than looking outward search within come to grips with your morals, make good ethical decisions based on a strong character. Your life will improve and happiness will ensue.


We’re always on the lookout and checking for toxic people in our lives. People who bring negative effects into a situation for no apparent reason. But first we should check to see if we’re toxic, to ourselves and others. Knowing that we are positive, and have good cognitive reasoning we can remain a force for good. As a good stimulus for ourselves and others we insulate ourselves from the negativity that exist in others for negativity’s sake. Be blessed, be positive, and have a great day!

Meaningful Communications

So often much of what transpires between people is of lessĀ  than substantial significance to their ongoing relationship , whether it be business or personal that little is gained from it. In these trying economical times having little or no time to waste on frivolity we need heed the waste of a precious resource such as family, friends, and business associates. What we gain from honest mutually shared meaningful communication, is worth its weight in gold. The substantive issues we discuss are the true currency of life.